Business shouldn’t be about the bottom line. To me, business is about engaging people and communities and creating amazing results from it. Too often I see companies with a myopic focus on profits, looking to maximise every dollar spent. Having experience working with some of these companies in the past, I’ve often felt the pressure to maximise my own costs and profits as well – much the same as if someone is hurrying you to leave, you often feel rushed and stressed too.

They say that pressure makes diamonds, but that doesn’t go for all types of pressures…

As you can imagine, this doesn’t produce the best results in any case. You’re often counting minutes spent, looking to cut corners to save time and money, and minimising communications between you and your contacts. The end result, while often appearing absolutely passable, is a far cry from the potential it could’ve been; if there had been the increased focus on collaboration and partnership, over viewing it as a simple business transaction.

The best projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on have been when I’ve connected well with the clients business, brand and people. We’ve gone on to challenge ourselves and create compelling content that everyone shares ownership of.

In this new age of everyone owning a high quality video camera in their pocket, there needs to be a powerful case to spend funds on hiring a filmmaker to create your content. Simply outsourcing a job is reasonable of course but hiring people for their expertise, experience and the opportunity to grow and expand your idea can lead to even greater results.

The reason I create videos is not solely for my bottom line, it’s an area I’m extremely passionate in. However, at the same time my goal is also to always be professional and never overstep my boundaries. Having worked with many companies over the years, and completing Business Studies at Monash University myself, I understand how businesses work. Being hired is an opportunity to solve a need for my clients and prove my value – creating videos and lasting relationships in the process.

So if you are looking for the best results for your video project – don’t only hire on expertise but make sure its people you want to work with. Because good videos don’t just happen, they take good people, hard work and desire to make it so.